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Property Management New Westminster

Property Management New Westminster

Protect your property and ensure peace of mind.

Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation is a leading provider of property management services in New Westminster. Established in 1979, we strive to provide top-notch service and exceptional results for our clients. Our team of professional and experienced property managers
have the expertise to successfully manage all types of residential rental properties, strata’s and co-op’s in New Westminster.


If you’re looking for an effective and efficient way to manage your rental property, strata or co-op, located in New Westminster, contact Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation today! With years of experience behind us and exceptional customer service standards in place – you can trust that your property will be taken care of properly with our team of dedicated professionals on your side.


Rental Management

Ascent Real Estate Management is a leading provider of rental management services in New Westminster, British Columbia. We bring to the table years of experience and expertise in the field, along with access to an extensive network of trusted resources. Our mission is to provide our clients with superior service that meets their individual needs, no matter what the rental situation may be.

At Ascent, we understand how important it is for tenants and landlords alike to have peace of mind when dealing with rental matters. That’s why our team strives to provide comprehensive rental property management services that cover all aspects of New Westminster property management from pre-leasing consultation and lease negotiation to tenant relations and rent collection.

Our experienced team offers a variety of specialized services tailored to your specific needs. Our turn-key New Westminster rental management solution includes:

  • Pre-Rental Consultation: We provide professional advice on matters related to pre-leasing such as rent analysis and market research.

  • Tenant Screening: We take on the tenant screening process to ensure you have the right tenants in place to work with for your rental property.

  • Rent Collection: We look after the rent collection process and keep track payments, so you never have to worry about missing out on rent collections due to late payments or any number of other issues.

  • Tenant Relations: Our team works diligently full time to handle tenant inquiries quickly and efficiently.

  • Repairs and Maintenance: Ascent handles repair and maintenance of your rental property.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results for our clients by providing you with the best possible rental management solutions available. To request a proposal or learn more about our property management solutions, please contact us by phone at (604) 431-1800 or by email at

Strata Management New Westminster

Our team at Ascent specializes in providing residential strata management solutions. We are dedicated to helping our clients with everything from day-to-day operations and maintenance to more complex tasks, like navigating legal and financial matters. Our team is highly skilled in developing practical solutions tailored to the specific needs of your strata. With our customized approach, we make sure that all of your property’s needs are met in an organized and cost-effective manner.

We strive to provide a full range of property management services for our clients that goes above and beyond simply managing their buildings. We emphasize regular communication between ourselves and all stakeholders involved, including owners, tenants, contractors, and other service providers. We also offer access to our online system which allows you to monitor the performance of your building 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

At Ascent, we are committed to providing the highest quality New Westminster property management and strata management services available. Our knowledgeable staff have extensive experience dealing with local laws, regulations, and procedures related to strata management so you can rest assured that your property is always being taken care of properly. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you manage your New Westminster property!

Our New Westminster strata management services centre around these three key objects:

  • Promoting financial well-being of your strata corporation

  • Assisting with protecting, maintaining and enhancing the value of your property asset

  • Guiding to ensure full compliance with all applicable government statutes


To achieve these goals, we've built our business on the following fundamentals:

  • Friendly, knowledgeable and experienced strata agents who truly care.

  • Excellent, CPA, CGA-led accounting services 

  • Dedicated, helpful administrative staff 

  • Cutting-edge technology and security systems 

  • A comprehensive Master Insurance Policy at a preferred premium

  • Responsive, qualified and cost-effective third-party contractors

  • Bulk rates on garbage collection, property appraisals and utility contracts

Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation is a trusted strata property management company serving the entire Metro Vancouver area, providing comprehensive services to ensure the financial well-being and value of your property. Their experienced team offers practical solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your strata, from day-to-day operations and
maintenance to navigating legal and financial matters. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you manage your New Westminster strata property!


Building Property Management New Westminster

We understand how valuable your property is, which is why we only implement the best strategies in managing your building properties. We have reliable building managers consisting of administrators, account agents and maintenance specialists, that make sure owners can have
more personal time on their hands.

Financial Management

Financial management is one of the most complex parts of owning a property. However, with Ascent, the whole process is made easy. We provide clients cost analysis reports and we also help them with budgeting. Our financial reports and annual audits keep clients updated on the status of their properties.

Administrative Property Services

Ascent’s administrative assistance includes conducting property inspections and creating reports for clients. We make all important data easily available to you through software tools, emails and regular mail. We also maintain clients’ customer relations by being the frontlines who attend to the needs of homeowners and tenants.

About New Westminster


New Westminster, a city situated within the Fraser River Delta in British Columbia, has a long and vibrant history. Established as the first capital of the new colony of British Columbia in 1858, including its rich First Nations heritage, the city steadily grew to become an important port centre. Still today, thriving businesses take to the river via tugboats loaded with timber and other goods.

The City of New Westminster is a vital hub of commerce, connected by skytrain to surrounding areas such as downtown Vancouver and Surrey and deriving much economic activity from local university students attending Douglas College and Simon Fraser University.

According to Statistics Canada 2016 Census, New Westminster had a population of 68,000 people and was home to many diverse cultures from all corners of the world. With charming neighbourhoods and plenty of friendly people who call the heart of this city home, it's no surprise
that considered this a great place to live.

New Westminster Neighbourhoods We Service

From the bustling downtown core to its diverse neighbourhoods, this is a city with something for everyone! Our team of local experts has unparalleled insight into this dynamic community.


  • Brow of the Hill

  • Connaught Heights

  • Downtown

  • Glenbrook North

  • Glenbrook South

  • Massey-Victory Heights

  • Moody Park

  • Quayside

  • Queens Park

  • Queensborough

  • Sapperton

  • Uptown

  • West End


Property Management New Westminster

Ascent is a leading New Westminster property management company. We provide a comprehensive range of services designed to help landlords, tenants, strata’s alike and co-op’s. From finding the perfect tenant for your New Westminster property to ensuring that all legal requirements are met, our experienced team has you covered. We also offer an array of support services, such as lease writing, rent collection, maintenance and repair solutions, eviction assistance and more.

With Ascent, you can rest assured knowing that your investment is in good hands. Contact us by phone at (604) 431-1800 or by email at to learn how Ascent can best help you with your New Westminster property management goals.

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