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When you move out, you need to make sure that the rental unit is cleaned thoroughly before you leave.

Refer to the checklist below and make sure:

  • The fridge, stove and microwave are clean inside and out.

  • The area behind and under the fridge and stove is clean.

  • All cupboards & closets (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.) are clean and empty.

  • All hard surface floors are swept and mopped.

  • All carpets are vacuumed.

  • The carpets are professionally cleaned. Please provide a receipt upon move out.

  • All bathroom fixtures (tub, shower, sink, vanity, mirror, toilet) are clean.

  • All countertops are dust-free.

  • All light bulbs are working.

  • All light fixtures are clean.

  • All walls are clean.

  • The deck area is clean, and all items are removed.

  • All items are removed from the property. Please leave nothing behind.

  • The windows are clean both inside and outside (exterior windows reachable by the tenant only).

  • The blinds are dust-free and clean.

  • To return all keys to the landlord plus the mailbox key.

  • To kindly report to the landlord if any damages or items need repair.

  • The lawn is mowed, and all weeds are removed from the property (if applicable).

  • To remove all trash.

  • Patch all nail holes in walls and paint if necessary.

  • The parking stall is cleaned of any debris.

  • The storage locker is fully emptied and left unlocked.

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