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We are your trusted professional property management company, specializing in strata, co-op and rental management.

financial management


Our independent Burnaby-based strata management team delivers all the conveniences you would expect from a large global brand with the personalized service of a locally-owned boutique agency. We offer a service level that cannot be matched by other firms in an industry increasingly dominated by mergers and foreign ownership. Our size allows us to provide our clients with economies of scale not available to our smaller competitors, while not being constrained by a large corporate entity.



Our staff and service vendors have been assisting property owners, investors and strata corporations with a comprehensive skill set of management tools since 1979.



Through our property managers and our on-call service, we are available 24 hours a day. We are well-versed in all aspects of the business and have established relationships within the local industry to ensure your requests are always prioritized.

Vancouver downtown


Our relationship will always be transparent at Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation when our staff manages your properties. We disclose all details of the services provided and fees charged.

Canada Place

Financial Management

Our property managers treat your real estate investment as if it were their own. We support your best interests by keeping accurate, up to date records that are in full compliance with your bylaws and regulatory requirements. Your money remains secure within an individual trust account and all expenditures are authorized solely by you.

strata management

Maximize your time as well as your financial and human resources with our reliable expertise.

rental management

From property evaluations to collecting and recording of income, we offer a range of beneficial services.



To excel in an ever-changing industry, Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation is constantly evolving our practices to remain well-versed in the latest legislation and standards. Our ability to adapt provides our clients with the most effective strategies moving forward. Our caring, dedicated and experienced staff strive to exceed your expectations at every turn. We’ve assembled the comprehensive, multi-faceted team of people it takes to protect, maintain and enhance the value of your property.

If you’d like more information about our strata property management services in Greater Vancouver, email or give us a call today at (604) 431-1800.

financial management


Ascent Real Estate Management provides Burnaby property management services that are tailored to meet your needs. Our experienced team of professional Burnaby property managers will work with you to maximize your rental property, strata or co-op by ensuring your properties are always maintained and managed in compliance with all local laws and regulations. Contact us today by phone at (604) 431-1800 or by email at to learn more about our property management, rental management or strata management services.



Since 1979, Ascent has been providing comprehensive solutions for landlords and property owners such as tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance coordination, financial reporting and more. Our goal is to make property ownership easy, so you can focus on other important aspects of life while we take care of the rest.


Our Burnaby rental managers provide the highest quality of service for all your needs. With our expertise in Burnaby's real estate market, our team has in depth knowledge to help you make smart decisions about renting or owning properties in Burnaby. Whether you own a condo, apartment, multi-plex, townhouse or detached home, we are happy to assist you with tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance requests or tenancy laws. Our Burnaby property management experts are well equipped to handle any situation that may arise. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and proven track record of success, we are sure to exceed your expectations when it comes to managing your Burnaby rental properties.

Property Management Burnaby

Your real estate investment in Burnaby is important to you and deserves personal care and attention from a professional property manager. As a real estate investor and owner, you want an agent who will be able to:

  • Treat your property like it’s our own

  • Provide you with timely updates and insights about your property

  • Collect monthly rent and disburse proceeds to you as quickly as possible

  • Increase your investment income with accurate market assessments

  • Rigorously screen tenants following already established requirements

  • Manage tenant expectations and attend to tenant inquiries

  • Secure preferred rates for repair and maintenance services

  • Provide monthly statements of account

  • Give you peace of mind, knowing your investment is well looked after

Client care is a pillar of our business philosophy, whether it’s with the owner or with the tenant. One example to make sure our clients are looked after is our 24-hour emergency services line. One call to our number during or after business hours, we’ll address the emergency to make sure your tenants’ needs are met and your property investment is cared for. With our wide range of services available at competitive rates, Ascent Real Estate Management is the premier choice for Burnaby rental management services.

More so now than ever, investors are turning to property managers as we help make ownership of a real estate investment portfolio uncomplicated. Our expertise to navigate through requirements of strata corporations, municipal bylaws, provincial legislation, screening tenants, coordinating required services help make being a landlord easy and “headache” free.

We’re confident you’re selecting one of the best property management companies when choosing Ascent. As your property manager we will ensure your rental property investment is well protected and provides you with the best return on investment possible.

To request a proposal or learn more about how we can help you, please contact us by phone at (604) 431-1800 or by email at


Ascent Real Estate Management is Burnaby’s leading strata property management service provider. Ownership in a strata corporation and managing your investment is simple when you choose Ascent as your Burnaby strata management Company. There are numerous benefits of working with a professional strata manager to assist with management of your strata corporation. It’s important to work with a strata manager willing to take a proactive approach in assisting you.


Your investment in a multi-unit development is important and needs to be looked after with the utmost attention. Some of the key features we believe the best strata manager should have: 

  • Be accessible and responsive to property owners when needed

  • Provide guidance and information relevant to the property management of your strata corporation assets

  • Ensure sound financial practices are followed and reports are provided in a timely manner

  • Have access to an array of service providers and vendors for products and services required by the strata corporation at competitive rates

  • Organize and maintains records for the strata corporation

It’s our job to help build your community and ensure the property and assets are well cared for. A primary aspect to our service is accessibility to the strata property manager for all owners. We will take the time necessary to respond and provide the information so proper decisions can be made.

To achieve these goals, we've built our business on the following fundamentals:

  • Friendly, knowledgeable and experienced strata agents who truly care.

  • Excellent, CPA, CGA-led accounting services

  • Dedicated, helpful administrative staff

  • Cutting-edge technology and security systems

  • A comprehensive Master Insurance Policy at a preferred premium

  • Responsive, qualified and cost-effective third-party contractors

  • Bulk rates on garbage collection, property appraisals and utility contracts


Whether you’re looking for a property management company to oversee every aspect of your strata corporation’s business, or just need assistance in a few areas, we can help.

Our knowledgeable staff will make sure that each step of the management of your strata is handled properly so that your needs are met, and any potential issues are avoided altogether. Contact us today for more information about our Burnaby strata services!

strata management

We understand how valuable your property is, which is why we only implement the best strategies in managing your building. We have reliable building managers consisting of administrators, account agents and maintenance specialists, that make sure owners can have more personal time on their hands.

rental management

Financial management can be one of the most complex parts of owning a property. However, with Ascent, the whole process is made easy. We provide clients cost analysis reports and we also help them with budgeting. Our financial reports and annual audits keep clients updated on the status of their properties.

Our administrative assistance includes conducting property inspections and creating reports for clients. We make all important data easily available to you through software tools, emails and regular mail. We also maintain clients’ customer relations by being the frontlines who attend to the needs of homeowners and tenants.




Burnaby is a vibrant city in British Columbia, located just east of Vancouver in the Greater Vancouver area. It's home to over 249,000 people and features an array of attractions and activities for visitors and locals alike. From its stunning natural beauty to its dynamic urban life, Burnaby has something for everyone!

Burnaby is known for its spectacular natural beauty. The city is bordered by the majestic Coast Mountains on one side and Burrard Inlet on the other, making it an ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore nature. There are numerous parks throughout the city where you can appreciate lush green spaces or take in breathtaking views of both mountains and water. Plus, with a mild climate year-round, it's easy to get outside no matter what time of year it is!

For those who prefer more urban adventures, Burnaby offers plenty of entertainment too! Whether you're into shopping at Metropolis at Metrotown or catching a show at Deer Lake Park—there's always something exciting going on in this bustling metropolis. And if you'd like to learn more about local culture there are several museums such as the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre that offer educational experiences.

In addition to its numerous attractions, Burnaby is also home to a vibrant food scene. From traditional sushi bars and Chinese restaurants to modern eateries offering delicious fare from around the world, you can find something to satisfy every appetite here. There's also no shortage of coffee shops and bakeries where you can stop for a quick bite or a cozy cup of joe.

  • Sperling-Broadway

  • Lochdale

  • Westridge

  • Burnaby Mountain

  • Lake City

  • Lyndhurst

  • Cameron

  • Cariboo-Armstrong

  • Second Street

  • Edmonds


  • Stride Avenue

  • Stride Hill

  • Big Bend

  • Clinton-Glenwood

  • Sussex-Nelson

  • Suncrest

  • Maywood

  • Garden Village

  • Cascade-Schou

  • Douglas-Gilpin


  • Marlborough

  • Windsor

  • Kingsway-Beresford

  • Richmond Park

  • Morley-Buckingham

  • Lakeview-Mayfield

  • Oakalla​


  • Burnaby Heights

  • Willingdon Heights

  • West Central Valley

  • Dawson-Delta

  • Brentwood

  • Capitol Hill

  • Parkcrest-Aubrey

  • Ardingley-Sprott

  • Burnaby Lake

  • Government Road


Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation is Burnaby's leading provider of property management services. We provide a comprehensive range of services designed to help Burnaby and Lower Mainland landlords, tenants and strata’s alike. From finding the perfect tenant for your property to ensuring that all legal requirements are met, our experienced team has you covered. We also offer an array of other services, such as lease writing, rent collection, maintenance and repair solutions, eviction assistance and more. With Ascents’ Burnaby property management services, you can rest assured knowing that your investment is in good hands.

Contact us by phone at (604) 431-1800 or by email at to learn how Ascent can best help you.

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Burnaby is a vibrant city with many different neighbourhoods. We have extensive knowledge of the Burnaby area.

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